Training Services

Keyskolars is a leading educational and corporate assistance company and first of its kind in India. It has been established keeping in mind the regular requirements of the student community related to education, and the industry demand. We focus on bridging
the gap between supply and demand channels of talent.
At Keyskolars, our main focus is in spreading education and knowledge among the student community on the current and updated industry demands. It is designed to provide a spectrum of counseling, information material and training essentials for feeding knowledge to the mind of individuals and students. The purpose of here is to serve as a catalyst for building a bridge

between the industry demand and students supply with enhanced skill sets.

  • Through our Training Programs we try to inculcate awareness, Modern concepts, verticals, skill set required by Industries, simultaneously groom students on different aspects that will make them stand at par with experience candidates and far ahead as a fresher.
  • Objective is to provide students practical wisdom and connect them to the industry in different way to make them understand Industry specifications, project executions, job challenges etc, that ultimately helps them in job retention and becoming an extreme performer.
  • Our main focus is to increase the level of their understanding and prepare them to face the competition. We work extensively on their Communication skills, Interpersonal skills and Analytic skills and Try to improve their moral, wisdom and efficiency through proper motivation and some featured training on stress management and time management. Whereas. Our expertise lies in providing them adequate information on Industrial Working Environment
    • Skill Sets required by the industries
    • Job Descriptions of different companies
    • Modern concepts and Project execution.
    • Tools and techniques

Keyskolars believes Industrial training concept cannot be completed until industries are providing industrial training. It should not only be the sharing of knowledge but also should be the sharing of experience and mentorship. Altogether towards spreading industrial awareness,

We are using physical as well as online platform to connect fresh talent the global corporate mentors and activities. Industrial Training includes:

Our Training Services –

  • a. TECHNICAL TRAINING: Internship with our corporate clients on domestic, national and international locations. Online projects for IT, Engineering, MCA, BCA students are also available supported by experienced corporate digitally
  • b. FUNCTIONAL TRAINING: Marketing, Finance, HR, Project Management etc application and execution Industry wise.
  • c. Behavioral Training : Communication Skills, Image Building, Life management Skills, Self Leadership Program, etc.
  • d. Industry Specific Program :
    • i. ISP-Financial Analyst
    • ii. ISP – HR
    • iii. ISP – Digital Marketing and Market Research
    • iv. ISP – Retail Management

    And Many More…Certification Program

  • e. Live Projects
    • i. Marketing
    • ii. HR
    • iii. Finance
    • iv. IT Projects
    • v. Digital Marketing

    And Many More…Certification Program